While I created my training program, I have interested in the history of the development of social entrepreneurship in Sweden. And I have found there is more often used the concept of “social innovations,” which includes social entrepreneurship. The country has a long tradition of supporting small and medium businesses. Enterprises operating as social obtain various types of patronage from the state, and first of all at the local level.

It is also interesting that although the traditional approach presupposes the independence of social enterprises from state services, Swedish municipalities also may create social enterprises.

Been learning this topic, I realized that we could cite many examples from an endless list of Swedish startups offering socially responsible, practical, and innovative solutions for life. However, most of them are based on technology. And it is possible because the Swedish government that contributed to this yet  20 years ago. And now the high computer literacy of the population, a developed network infrastructure, an active and democratic business culture, and equalizing social policies have become components of Stockholm’s success as an IT-capital, and if not of  all Europe, then at least Scandinavia.

The Swedish approach to solving social problems is not unique, and they have social enterprises, whose business models are borrowed in Italy and other countries. And at the same time, Italian social entrepreneurs may have tax benefits.

There are more than enough social problems In our country. Of course, it would be good if  it was possible to introduce a European approach to solving them in Ukraine in the coming years. However, for this, our compatriots will have to change their outlook, and also take care of their life and education on themselves.

We cannot exclude the development of technologies and the widespread automation of processes, and there is no need to. In Ukraine, in my opinion, it is necessary to pay more attention to the development of human values, cultivating a culture of relationships, both in society and in everyday life, as well as improving the computer literacy of the population over the age of 35. Without this, it will be difficult for us to reach the European level, and all the more to develop our state fully.

In this regard, in Ukraine, the prospects for social entrepreneurship, first of all, could be in education, and specifically, in the education of adults and young people, starting with schoolchildren. That must be an education of entrepreneurial thinking, the basics of running their own business, whether it is a freelancer or a small business. And here it is important not only to be able to sell your goods or services and count financial indicators, but to generate ideas.

In other words, now it is necessary to learn to think broadly, creatively, in order to create something new, and often do that only with the available resources. And our people can create masterpieces out of nothing. Often they just need help to look at the situation on a larger scale and make a revision of their skills and potential.

Also, social entrepreneurship is a promising business, so an important focus here may be the emphasis on creativity in solving practical, everyday tasks. And also to keep in focus the coverage of such examples in the annex to the partial or complete elimination of social problems.

The requirement in innovations and those who can create them exists both in Ukraine and in Europe; therefore, assistance from the state will only contribute to the development of social entrepreneurship. And if you do not take into account tax benefits, then legal support and consulting assistance of experts provided on favorable terms during the creation period and 6-12 months from the start of social enterprises could be the basis for the growth of sustainable business models focused on improving life in society. And, in my opinion, on this base of prospects for Ukraine and other European countries are very similar.

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