Our acquaintance and correspondence was like awaking from sleeping and routine. Just exactly “what the doctor ordered” for that time. In this communication I found many useful for myself except main - to development of normal relationship for building our future together. But let we go from beginning.

In his second letter I read:

They have asked someone where is his home… He replayed: “My home is where I feel good”. Who is my wife, your husband? Whatever... He/she is queen, king, rich man… But I feel bad because my queen has no time for me, your king handles brutal with you or rich man is himself rich but you are poor etc. Your bagger man brings a flower to you every day and you feel yourself as a queen...

I believe you are really happy woman... but feel bad when neighbors makes sick under your bagger, and thinks the king name means something, but you feel as you are in heaven.

You are in dark wood and many voices whisper different things. Your voice is in competition too. Which voice you will obey? Other voices or own? I feel very good to myself and it no matter what they are talking. That is it. Many many times people think the labels have some values. No, the labels have no values at all. It is no important who I am and what I am :) Did you think about who is able to write such story as I wrote to you ? Have any imaginations?

The second part of story (in same letter):

You think I am talking about strange things, you wrote to me that! I thought you are adult and easily recognize the right things in life :) Please think about that a little bit. Do you know which compatibility I have in my head? Ok, anyway that fairytales are my tools for observing your's internal worlds. Pretty cool isn’t it? Did you read fairytales as a kid? Forgot? I like you so much .:)

Nice girl tells me what are you searching? I king fashion man near you to make calm public opinion? Hey, I really wish to know or someone make you crazy, happy, but your man is alive too, he needs to be happy too. How to realize many such different things? Anyway I am happy now because our conversation has got a heat. :)

Our lives are as weather sun / rain / sun / rain there to the death. The good vine is not good at any time it depends on situation too. You like my poems. Yes I am writing poems, but some other poems are not nice, they are sad. Depend on situation when they were realized. I am not poems writer at all. I am just a simple man, but I believe strong in this moment you and me are believing we understand each other very good over language barrier. It’s up to you if you allow that I will research you mind and if you will accept my writings. Did you feel a huge distance between us? I did not and I believe you did not too!

Where is the problem? Here: at moment to make a physical contact, meeting. I think you are in fear...”

That was challenge from a romantic man. He did not answer immediately on my questions about himself and his occupation, but in letters I saw that he is able to use psychological techniques and he knows the philosophy well. Much later he told me that he had a PhD and a Master's degree as an electrical engineer. His occupation was software development and technical equipment for computers  and at same time he had a very strange hobby - to be mason...

The full version of this dating story is in my e-book “Dating – is the real method to find a husband”. (Russian version).

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Show her just how much you miss her insurance firms to pay attention to all the stuff
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