Welcome, dear visitor,
I am Karina Sunlife – a coach /  writer / consultant on social entrepreneurship and business & personal effectiveness. In addition, I am the founder of the project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’’", created for people striving for happiness for themselves and their close environment.


The project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’" was created as  an educational and creative platform, and this site has become a silver medalist in the nomination "Commercial sites" of the International contest "RUskoe zarubezh'e-2015".
Since 2011 here I:

  • help people to make their decisions and solve their personal issues through coaching, consultations and training programs..
  • nform site’s visitors about the qualitative goods, services and trainings that I have tried out.
  • improve my mastery of the word in books and poetry on my own website and in cooperation with clients.
  • render practical assistance in creating of business or goods and services, using my knowledge and skills.


My path and achievements:

Education:  The Master's degree in "Management of Organizations". (I studied management, marketing, economics, psychology, personnel management, etc.).

Train the Trainer Program as a part of “Social Entrepreneurship as an Innovative Tool for Solving Social Development Issues” project in cooperation with East Europe Foundation, ChildFund Deutschland e.V. Certifacate of 8 months theory and practice (2018)

Seminar "Solutions for frequent problems in hiring and involvement of personnel" provided by the Business Club WISE-Ukraine  (2017).

Course "Logistics" provided by the St. Petersburg Polytech. University by Peter Great. (2017).
(I studied: supply chains, demand management, warehouse logistics, transport logistics).

The course "Language, Culture and Intercultural Communication" provided by the Moscow State University by Lomonosov (2016).

Audience Growth course at YouTube Creator Academy (2014).

Coaching School of "The Academy of The real success" N. Latansky (2012).

Copywriting course "Magic of selling texts" Julia Volkodav (2011, training at 2 levels of the course).



  • The Laureate of The International multilevel Competition De Richelieu-2018: Diploma "The Diamant Duke" in the nomination  “International Literary Olympic Games and All-around Arts” for the poem “Cossack Glory grad”, the article “Strength, Values and Prospects: Is there a choice?” Book "The attraction of prosperity. Creative solutions of life problems”.
  • The laureate of The International multilevel Competition De Richelieu-2017: Diploma "The emerald Duke" in the nomination "Book of authorship". ("I want to be a good mom. The book for all ages").
  • The Laureate of The International literature multilevel Competition De Richelieu-2016: Diploma "The Brilliant Duke" in the nomination "The social journalism".
  • The Laureate of The literature award  “Koz’ma v Pustyin’ke-2016” in the nomination "Aphorisms".

2017: 2 of my books: "I want to be a good mom" and "Greetings from the kingdom of feathered wizards" have been published..

2016: 3 of my books: "Dating - the right way to find a husband", "The awesome romance with a director" and "About publishing houses without bullying. Handbook of a creative person» have been published.

2016: 2 my articles have been published in the training-magazine "The Wheel of Life" (No. 3/2016 and No. 10/2016). and my literary works have nominated for the National Literary Award "The writer of the Year".

2015: my poems have been included to the long-lists of semi-finalists and have been released in the BULLETINS of the III and IV International Poetry Contests "Chatuє v stolіttyah chernecha gora", "Namalui Meni Nich" from The International Publishing House "Sklyanka chasu * Zeitglas”.

2015: 2 of my books: "The attraction of prosperity. Creative solutions of life problems” and a collection of poems “I love, Thank, Believe ...".have been published.

2014: my article has been published in the training-magazine "The Wheel of Life" (No. 7-8 /2014).

2013: and 2014: my works of literature have been nominated for the National Literary Awards "The poet of the Year" and "The writer of the Year".

2012: my literary works have nominated for the National Literary Award "The Poet of the Year 2012". At the same time, one of my poems obtained the nomination "Poetry" of the National Internet Award "For the Benefit of Peace."

The aim of this internet-project is to share gladness, my knowledge and experience in order to have love, health, happiness and prosperity for each of us in our life. As a specialist in business development and personal potential development, I choose such way for realization of my abilities. This is the excellent opportunity to join my professional occupation with necessity of my soul.

My personal story is in the article “The way to myself and searching of an idea of The Unity of ‘Sun&Life’”. Read it and then look through the website’s pages. I hope you find here some interesting information. (The collection of my diplomas is placed on the page with Russian version “About the author”).

With love,
Karina Sunlife

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