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English Unity

Hello, dear guest!

I am Karina Sunlife – a content-expert and a coach of business and personal efficiency. Besides this I am an author of this internet-project “The Unity of ‘Sun&Life’”. Which was created for the people which are approache to the happy life for themselves and their close people.

My active participation in many trainings of personal development and my not ordinary life experience got the base for elimination my own problems. 

My positive and creative look on the life in the combination with good sense of humor and well-wishing energy allowed me overcome many misfortunes on the life way. I have learnt to build relationship with other people and to create harmonious atmosphere around me.

The internet-project “The Unity of ‘Sun&Life’” was created as the web studio where I with the pleasure:

интернет-журнала "Вдохновленные жизнью"

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