Know,  can, create and prosper!

Almost every person has situations when better to stop, to understand own thoughts and deeds. Those situations which you just need to look at objectively, and find a better variant for the development of further events.

Why is it always more visible from without? Whatever which is your life experience, remember how easy and calm you give advises to other people in difficult situations. And why you start looking for answers from others in difficulty? Because we all need to see the "picture" in its entirety, in order to understand what "puzzle" is missing there. As a participant in the events, we see only a part of the "picture".  At the same time, our experience and overwhelming emotions draw us not real plots, but those would happened...  This emotional background obscures the visibility of the whole. That's why people turn to specialist’s help for making important decisions.

Usually this happens when you need support for:going out of the stalemate;

  • the definition of the direction in the activity / in life;
  • start to achieve new results in business, in a career or in life;
  • realization of creative ideas;
  • correction of relations with close people;
  • creating and passing a program to get rid of excess weight (weight loss);
  • solving the personal issue of the client.

In business life, the problem can be brought to a meeting of colleagues or "brainstorming" among professionals. In everyday life we address to relatives or friends whom we trust. But they are not always well versed in issues which are important for us. Then it is a necessary of private consultation with someone who will help to solve your problems in the most effective ways for you. Coaching is a person's journey to him/herself in the company of a professional companion.

The oach is a guide, who clearly observe in order to:

  • You can see possibilities, solutions and choose the best for yourself;
  • You distribute your forces at the each stage of the achievement of the plan;
  • You purposefully use your resources and help from other people for moving forward;
  • You expand the scale of your perception of reality;
  • Your actions be coincided with the intended course, and your inner compass would always set up correctly.

Get ready, your journey begins here. Whatever you want, your brain generates not only a desire, but else a plan for its realization. However, that plan often is hidden behind emotions, doubts and other obstacles which every person builds with the mastery of a virtuoso. But only a few of us can sort out these heaps without help from someone.

Therefore, I am, Karina Sunlife, offer to my assistance in realizing your idea or solving an actual issue that needs clarification.



Karina Sunlife is a coach, consultant on business and personal effectiveness, poetess and writer. The author of the Internet project "The unity of ‘The Sun&Life’". as well as the author of articles which have been published in the popular Ukrainian training-magazine "The Wheel of Life". The author of books:

"The attraction of prosperity. Creative solutions of life problems” .
"I want to be a good mom".
"Dating - the right way to find a husband!".
"The awesome romance with a director".
"About publishing houses without bullying. Handbook of a creative person» and others.

Education: The master's degree in "Management of Organizations". (I studied management, marketing, economics, psychology, personnel management, etc.).

Let's start right now:

Step 1. Formulate your intention or issue that needs a decision in 1-3 sentences.

Step 2. Choose the option of personal consultations, the most suitable for realization of your aspirations.


I guarantee
the confidentiality
of the work with you.
The coaching session

The mini course
""I can and I prosper""

The standart course
"I know, I can,
I create and prosper"

Conversation in e-mails 

for 1 your issue in a week:

3 your letters about the issue that needs a decision +
3 feedback-letters per a week from the coach  

for 1 your issue

for 6 your issues

6 weeks
for 12 your issues

12 weeks

Discussion and correction of the actions you have planned and performed.

+ + +

View events and your growing confidence in the decisions made through support from my side.

 - + +

Analyze the intermediate result; refine the plans in accordance with the newly discovered ideas and events in the perspective.

  -   - +

Effective use of new opportunities instead of previous doubts, fears and other internal barriers.

  -   - +

The price
(if it paid in full sum )
in another currency payments
at the rate

60 USD
50 EUR

324 USD
270 EUR

576 USD
480 EUR

* Long-term programs - consultations during 6 months or more - according to an individual agreement with the client.

Step 3. To accept the mandatory conditions for the beginning of the course of consultations:

  1. You are ready to move to the intended result independently doing all that you plan during each our conversation-session.
  2. You paid 100% for any of the above options and told me about the payment on email Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..
  3. You filled out the client's form and agreed with these conditions, indicated in our e-cooperation agreement.

Here are references about coaching with Karina Sunlife:

Karina, you did well. You were holding worthy in our discussion with you. I do not hide, there were plenty of provocation to you, in my comments. And you have not "bought" on them, but competently, and most importantly, while maintaining emotional restraint, brought to the end our dialogue.

In that dialogue felt the professionalism of the master. Unfortunately, for mostly of women, emotions prevail over the mind, (that is their weakness and misfortune.) Now I see that you are not a "phony" regular coach carrying all sorts of "sugary foam" and trying to "help" someone. You are not who is taking out money for yourself from the sufferings. You really possess the methods and knowledges. You are the person of practice (not a theorist).

Accept my apologies and admiration of your professional mastery in your field (field of occupation). Although, frankly, I do not accept it. But, if the coaching leads in (generalized) for the benefit and help to people ... I'm for it!

I have my own methodologies and visions based on the material (mundane) science of Academic Psychology (Conflictology) (empathy, reflection and bringing to harmony and permanent well-being in all spheres of human life). But this is mine, and it is another topic, for you, rather, it is not interesting. As we say: "Do your own, do not bother the other ...." It is similar to your words: "I do not impose my point of view ...".
Sincerely, K. Sergey
The picture with original Russian text is below

I am the author and lead specialist of the project "The fire Flower", aimed at revealing and developing the creative potential of the individual. I am a psychologist and trainer.

And today I thank Karina Sunlife for the help, which she provided at difficult time for me.
The issue which was discussed at the coach session concerned emotional burnout while I moved a part of my activity online.

It should be noted that it is always easy to communicate with Karina. Her optimism and desire to help are VERY inspiring, and in a couple of hours after the conversation with Karina, I have found new ideas for the implementation of the conceived. Her tips were very useful for me.

Karina can very gently and unobtrusively push to solve the problem in such way that you may only to stop "trampling on the spot" and start the movement in the chosen direction.

Thanks to communication with Karina, I discovered new horizons for the development of my project. Has mastered some technical aspects of working on the Internet.

My author's works in the form of flowers, grown from magical candles (circumvented by petals during burning) have found new fans and orders for the production of such candles increased significantly.

According to the above, I advise you do not to seek a way out of difficult situations yourself. Sometimes the search for solutions will take a lot of time and efforts. Address to experts! I recommend to contact Karina. I'm sure that together with her you will find a lot of decisions for your question!
Valentina Yannina
The picture with original Russian text is below

Just imagine that after a while you:

  • you will look to the future with confidence;
  • you can plan and create events of your life on your own;
  • you will take criticism calmer, take advantage of it, and possibly new ideas;
  • see in the difficulties not the deaf walls of problems, but the opportunities to adjust their plans;
  • to enjoy the freedom to consciously exercise their right to choose.

Allow yourself to clearly see your own future and use the best resources of his creation!

  If you have any questions, then ask them right now through the window of the online chat (on left) or in the letter with the subject "Question about coaching" on email Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра..

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